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Connecting to the Web interface

Go to http://webmail.yourdomain.tld/ , (where yourdomain.tld - is the name of your domain) or your user name and password which you received during registration. From this account you can manage your domains, mailboxes and other.


 User name: postmaster@yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain.tld - it's your domain name)
 Password: yourpassword




 On this page you will have access to all basic operations to work with E-mail. You can check your mail, or write a new reply to the letter, attach a document or image, manage folders.






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Management of mailboxes


 To manage your mailboxes, click on the link "Administer Domain Group"And select" Users "








Here you will see List is your mailbox will be able to add new, change passwords and other settings, delete unwanted mail boxes.

 Warning:Please do not delete the mailbox "postmaster" it is necessary to manage your mail.





 To create a new mailbox, select "New User", specify a name, such as "test2", and enter the password twice and click on "Insert". You will receive a new mailbox test2@yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain. Tld - it's your domain name) 





 Also on this page, you can specify the maximum size of the mailbox, create aliases for existing mailboxes, set up an answering machine, change the password andso on. To make changes, click on imeny user.




 To remove a mailbox, select "Delete"Opposite the appropriate name. Be careful, all the letters from the mailbox will be lost forever. Here, by selecting the appropriate mailbox, you can change your password and other settings.





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Managing e-mail domains


 You can use multiple mail domains in our system. If you own multiple domains, for example, and yourdomain. Net you will be able to receive letters of both domains.
 To add a new e-mail domain, go to "Back to Domain Group Administration" and select "Domain Names"








 To add a new e-mail domain, select "New Domain Name", enter the domain name and click on "Insert".





 Now for each mailbox to be used multiple mail domains. In our example, the user test2 will receive a letter sent to the address as test2@domain1.tld and the test2@domain2.tld




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Using external programs for handling e-mail


 Our mail system other than the web interface also supports the SMTP/POP3/IMAP. If your ISP is blocking connections on port 25, you can use an alternative connection to port 26. Below you can find a detailed example of the settings for MS Outlook, other e-mail program to use a similar setup.



 Select "Add New Account" in your Outlook and then "Manually configure server settings... "






 then "Internet E-mail"






 zpolnite form:






 "Your name:" - a name which will appear when you send a read, it may be your first and last name.

 "E-mail Address:"postmaster@yourdomain.tldor any other address that @yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain.tld - is the name of your domain).

 "Account Type:" - IMAP (you can also use the POP3 protocol)
 "Incoming mail server:" - webmail.yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain. Tld - it's your domain name or
 "Outgoing mail server:" - webmail.yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain.tld - it's your domain name or
 "User name:" postmaster@yourdomain.tld or what else adres@yourdomain.tld
 "Password:" yourpassword(Password of your mailbox pochtokogo)


Use mouse "Next" and setup will be completed.


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Changing a lost password from your email


 If you have forgotten your password ekaunta postmaster@yourdomain.tld (where yourdomain.tld - it's your domain name), you can set a password on navy customer portal . Go to "My Email", select your domain in the list of "yourdomain.tld" and change the password to open the form.





Amendments to passwords to other mailboxes smoril information above .


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